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Who We Are

We stand in favor of the re-extinction of the dinosaurs and against what the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG) is fighting for. We support the continuation of natural selection and progress with the goal of keeping nature safe from the fundamentally dangerous and unpredictable misuse of genetic modification.

We have been working tirelessly for years to prevent the spread and proliferation of genetically modified dinosaurs, and have also spent years lobbying against open-air testing of modified bacteriological research and the creation of genetically modified organisms designed to alter or damage populations of naturally occurring species. If genetic modification of organisms is allowed to continue unchecked, ramifications could include the negligent biosafety procedures in corporate labs, the introduction of heavily genetically modified species into pristine natural environments, or even the collapse of entire food chains.

We seek to defend the plants, animals, and the very ground we walk on from direct interference by those who put scientific advancement above the safety of us all.

Our Purpose

To inform the public of the risks of genetic engineering run rampant, to take action against imposing genetic technology and its devastating potential impact on the world at large, and to make a stand against the callous and ignorant disregard for the diverse and sensitive nature of our ecosystem.

Our extensive network of scientists, legal teams, activists, journalists, and social media supporters are ready to help. We will be there to fight for our planet, and we invite you to join our cause.

This is a movement for all living things that share our world, our homes, our lives. We will not rest until this looming ecological disaster is averted once and for all.